Commitment to Authenticity

Pradaria means “prairie” in Portuguese, and refers to the characteristics of the Pampas flat land. Pampas is a vast region of Southern Brazil and Argentina, where Gauchos herd the cattle allowing to them roam freely on the prairie. Gauchos developed the technique of slow roasting the meat on large sticks over a log or coal fire, flavoring only with salt and the natural flavor of the wood charcoal smoke. At Pradaria, we keep the old tradition by using only premium meats and the same cooking technique used through generations by the Gauchos.

Pradaria’s Rodizio service also includes other traditional Pampas Churrascaria items not found in other Churrascarias in Houston, such as the delicacy of Brazil’s carnivores, Maminha (the true bottom sirloin), Chicken Hearts, Entraña (Argentinean skirt steak), Bife de Chorizo (Argentinean New York Strip), Riñon (kidney) and Molleja (sweetbreads).

Churrasco is a modern celebration of food where Gauchos serve by parading succulent cuts of meat and slicing them fresh and hot in an authentic traditional service style called Rodizio.

There are Three Ways to Dine at Pradaria

  • 1 Rodizio - Continuous table side Churrasco service at one fixed price.

  • 2
  • A la Carte (Available Monday - Friday) Prepare to order with a Brazilian flair

  • 3
  • Gourmet Salad Bar and Hot Food Buffet of traditional South American side dishes

Our A La Carte Menu offerings come with great opportunity for those who want to try something different and exciting

At the main dining area, you will find our Gourmet Salad Bar featuring seafood cocktail, antipasti, specialty salads, imported cheeses, and exotic vegetables. Our Hot Food Buffet features Brazilian Style Steamed Rice, Black Beans Feijoada, Mashed Potatoes and assorted delicacies such as yucca fries, polenta, fried bananas and potato cakes.

Welcome to Pradaria, an Authentic Brazilian Steak House

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